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August 24, 2009

For all of my dog friends who have had to listen to me agonize for weeks/months, I have great news. As of this morning, Trip is FINALLY in heat. She had to be bred by September, and once again, Trip was a perfect puppy and cooperated. I’m very happy I won’t have to induce her […]

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Keep on keeping on…

August 16, 2009

Well, we went to the DFW Golden Retriever AKC trial in Ft. Worth this weekend. Trip was, once again, perfect. I’ve jokingly told people that she’s trying her best to convince me to skip the puppies–“come on mom, I’ll NEVER NQ again…” We had some fun courses, and she ran very well, getting all 1st […]

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August 7, 2009

Well, I’ve mostly been doing a lot of waiting. Namely, waiting for Trip to come into heat. She was due in almost 2 weeks ago, but she definitely is having a mind of her own. I wouldn’t be so impatient if I didn’t have such a small window to breed her. In order for her […]

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