Well, I’ve mostly been doing a lot of waiting. Namely, waiting for Trip to come into heat. She was due in almost 2 weeks ago, but she definitely is having a mind of her own. I wouldn’t be so impatient if I didn’t have such a small window to breed her. In order for her to be back in shape and ready to compete at the Nationals in Tulsa, she needs to be bred by September, the earlier the better. So far, no luck.

I have actually entered 2 AKC trials in Ft. Worth this month, but I was fully expecting to have to pull her from them. I was being superstitious, and was thinking if I DIDN’T enter them, then she definitely wasn’t going to come into heat. Alas, even entering shows hasn’t helped. Looks like I’ll be running both dogs–at least it will be in some frigid AC. The October shows are starting to open, and I don’t plan on entering her because I expect her to be pregnant. But the “not knowing” is definitely making it hard.

Everyone think “in heat” thought for me please. 🙂


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