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Contacts–what to do, what to do…

Published on November 25, 2010 By agilityvet

Ahhh, the million dollar question…how are you going to train your contacts?  Are you going to do running?  Are you going to do two on two off?  Four on the floor?  Trkman?  Stride Regulators?  It can almost make your head explode. Currently, I have a running aframe and dogwalk with Trip.  What most people don’t […]


Published on June 5, 2009 By agilityvet

Well, last weekend I did an ASCA trial with Trip, specifically to go out there and work on her contacts (specifically the teeter and dogwalk). I wanted to work on reinforcing the stop on the dogwalk, and see how that lesson sunk in. Well, in short, it didn’t. I’ve done this before (where I’ve taken […]