For all of my dog friends who have had to listen to me agonize for weeks/months, I have great news. As of this morning, Trip is FINALLY in heat. She had to be bred by September, and once again, Trip was a perfect puppy and cooperated. I’m very happy I won’t have to induce her into season.

I’ll be following her cycle closely with cytology and progesterone testing to try to optimize the time for breeding. I’m hoping for a good-sized litter, and will do everything in my power to ensure that happens. Of course, a ton is out of my control.

Think good thoughts for me. I will make sure I keep my Blog updated, so make sure you sign up to follow it. The address is

Oooh, a sidenote. Trip is already qualified for the 2010 World Team tryouts, so if she’s a little slow coming back and getting in shape, I don’t have that to worry about on top of everything else. 🙂 Of course, Trip doesn’t know how to do ANYTHING slow, so it wasn’t a big concern, but still nice to not have to think about it at all…


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