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Ticket 5 weeks post TPLO

October 25, 2011

Ticket is doing GREAT 5 weeks after TPLO.  Rehab appointment this morning showed no swelling of her knee despite increased activity the previous week, and her muscle mass on both sides is essentially equal.  YAY, so happy about that.! Today, she did 15 minutes on an incline on the underwater treadmill, and while still not […]

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Back to Agility Trials

October 24, 2011

What’s this?  An actual blog update about, gasp, an agility trial?  Whooda thunk it?  Sad to only be showing Trip, but I doubt she thought so. 🙂 So, we had two days of agility in Hitchcock, and Trip was great.  She ended up going 4/5, with all 1st place runs — Standard and Time to […]

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Seminar Thoughts

October 20, 2011

I gave my first agility seminar this past weekend, for LCCOC in Baton Rouge, LA.  This is my old club where I trained when I was in vet school, so I knew most people, and it was a nice, laid back atmosphere.  Nice way to get my feet wet.  I really enjoyed it, and I […]

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