TPLO-Redux, 2 weeks

Ticket relaxing at her recheck appointment (on the purple rug of course)

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks after Ticket’s second surgery on her left stifle. We went for a recheck on Friday. Only a small amount of effusion, but she was still very lame. Using the leg at a walk, but carrying it when trying to go faster. However, can’t find anything “wrong,” and it’s likely she just needs more time. Her bone is still healing, for one. So, my instructions were to “turn her loose.”

Now, don’t be silly, that isn’t as exciting as it sounds. Ticket can be loose in the house again (though I still have to put her in the xpen when she gets too crazy and wants to play). She can be loose in the backyard as long as she’s alone (so she doesn’t go too nuts). No chasing balls or frisbees or anything crazy. But she needs to use the leg in order to heal, so activity is going to be good for her.

We also rechecked with her PT–her range of motion is great (better then before the 2nd surgery, actually). So, we’re back on the treadmill, back to walks, and weight-bearing exercises. Trying not to overtax her, but this time she’s on the “fast track” since this was a much less invasive surgery. Ironically, since that visit Friday, Ticket is using her leg more often when she’s trying to go fast. She’s been running and trotting with it, vs. carrying it. So that is encouraging and makes me happy. Progress. Feels like a long time since I’ve felt I’ve seen progress.

Right now, we’re just taking it one week at a time. We’ll repeat xrays in a month, and her darn bone better be healed then, by God. Trying to think good, healing thoughts for her, and hoping she just needs time now.

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