6 weeks!

Another rehab session closer to FREEDOM for Ticket.  More underwater treadmill this week, continued walks, cavaletti, etc.  I also added a balance disc–having put her rear feet on it and standing,and also doing the same with her front feet.  Really just continuing to ask more from her.

I can see that’s she very close to normal.  She’s trying to run, jump, spin–not things she’s allowed to do, but she’s sure trying.  On the mental front, I’ve shaped her to “play dead” and “bow,” and I’m now working on walking backwords.  That’s one she actually knows in other contexts (targetting with her feet).  She’s actually a lot of fun to shape, since she tries so hard to *get it*.

Ticket (and Rugby and Rush) will be 2 years old on Saturday.  Hard to believe it’s been that long already.  We’ll be having a party at the agility trial this weekend, since we’re always looking for an excuse to celebrate.  I wish I could give Ticket her freedom for her birthday, but not quite yet.


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