Ticket 5 weeks post TPLO

Ticket is doing GREAT 5 weeks after TPLO.  Rehab appointment this morning showed no swelling of her knee despite increased activity the previous week, and her muscle mass on both sides is essentially equal.  YAY, so happy about that.!

Today, she did 15 minutes on an incline on the underwater treadmill, and while still not liking it, walked well.  This week, I’ll continue increasing her walks a bit (we’re currently at 20 minutes twice daily), and if we’re doing the treadmill at home, add incline there to work her hamstrings more.  Sadly, no hills in Houston, so we have to improvise.  I’m also going to add weight onto her back for her “limbo” exercises — essentially like holding hand weights while you do squats.

I also realized that I need to do something with Ticket to mentally stimulate her.  She’s getting physical activity now, but it’s almost worse as far as her “going crazy.”    So, I plan on free shaping some tricks.  I just need to think of things that aren’t too physically demanding, and I admit I’m drawing a blank.  Typically everything I shape has some relevance to agility–I’m not a big “tricks” person.  Will have to give that some thought…

Here are some videos of Ticket doing the treadmill this week…


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