TPLO–2 week mark

Well, Ticket and I have survived the first two weeks after her TPLO.  Though, I think she may be slowly going insane.  Sometimes, she just seems to explode in a frenzy of energy.  Poor baby doesn’t understand, but we’re taking it one day at a time.

She had her two week recheck at Gulf Coast yesterday.  Everything looked great, she’s using her leg extremely well for 2 weeks out, and she was cleared to begin further rehab.  We will not be progressing to 10 minute walks 3 times a day, as well as starting cavaletti, and sit to stand exercises, aimed at strengthening her rear, and forcing her to flex and extend that knee on her own.  When I see her walk, I think flexion is what is most lacking, so we’ll definitely work on that.

So, we took a walk this morning.  Well, I was walking.  Ticket was trying her best to sprint in place.  One speed, that dog.  But, she was definitely happy to be out.  Then we did some cavaletti this evening.  Didn’t seem particularly challenging, but I’ll take it easy before starting with the PT–I definitely don’t want to overdo it either.


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