Ticket AXJ

We had a great time in Monroe for 3 days of AKC Agility. Ticket ran great, particularly in JWW, and got her AXJ title. Her standard runs were also very close–she was in the “one thing wrong” club instead of the “disastrous run” club. She was fast and focused, hit every weave pole entry, and didn’t have too many bars come down. She DID get called on 2 aframe contacts, and the weeks we have before our next show, I will definitely be working on that. Since it’s a stride-dependent contact, it just takes more reps, and with the heat, it hasn’t been a priority for me. You better believe it is now. 🙂

Trip had a couple of nice standard runs (1st place), but in JWW, something felt wrong. She Double Qd on Saturday, but was not running like herself at all and was slow. Sunday she came out of a straight tunnel trotting, and I took her off. We’ve finally figured out it’s a neck injury, and she’s currently on rest and medication. Don’t worry, she feels fine, and acts completely normal at home. I just want to get her healed up in time for Reliant. Luckily, if there’s ever a good time for an injury, it’s now. Our schedule is really light, we’re not training a lot because it’s so hot, etc.

Not a lot else going on for us, except that I am trying to put together a 2 day seminar for the Fall. It’s a little tough to structure from scratch, but I have time, and I have some good ideas. I think it will be a lot of fun. 🙂

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