Prepped and Ready

Trip is looking good, and we’re just about ready to head to Minnesota for World Team Tryouts. We ran this weekend in San Antonio, and while Sunday was forgettable, Saturday Trip ran GREAT, and had the best JWW run she’s had in a long time. I hope it bodes well for next weekend. I gave her the week off-no agility, no nothing, since she’s been battling some hamstring soreness, and I think it paid off. I’ll do a little bit this week, but nothing hard core. We fly out Friday morning, have time for warmups on Friday, and then head into the weekend. We are ready! I just need to out there and attack those courses, and have confidence in what Trip can do.

The other good news for the weekend is Ticket had two fantastic Standard runs. She dropped a bar near the end on Saturday of a perfectly gorgeous run, but managed to get her first Excellent Q in Standard today. She also got an Open FAST leg. Her jumpers runs were less then stellar, but had some good spots. Once we get it together, she’s gonna be pretty tough out there. 🙂

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