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Haven’t had too much to post lately. Still working on Trip and Ticket. Definitely needs lots of decel work with miss Ticket. She’s having too much fun blasting over everything, though when I’m able to show her decel with motion in a timely matter, she’s doing pretty well. The stationary ones she doesn’t read as well, so need to work on that, as well as tightening up in general. Not surprising–she’s a baby, has tons of power, and her sole goal in life is to see if she can break the sound barrier 🙂

Trip is looking really good. Week 3 of dogwalk bootcamp, and I’m very happy with where her dogwalk is at–she’s doing great on her striding, and letting me do some difficult handling off the dogwalk. I’m also trying to work different approaches to make sure she maintains that striding. Of course, my being able to BE at the end of the dogwalk to handle is questionable at this point, but I’m trying. I have a few things I want to work on in particular before tryouts, but at this point, I think her handling in general is looking great.

One thing I’m trying to do better at is my mental management. I was doing pretty darn good with it two years ago when Trip made the Finals, but have let it go a little bit. I’m revisting some of what I learned, and will be applying it the next few months in particular.

We worked a course tonight from one of the WC judges, and Trip nailed it. It certainly wasn’t the most challenging FCI course we’ve done lately, but I’m still proud of how she handled it, and it gives me some confidence in her skills. I will be remembering that as I move forward. One month until Nationals, two months until Tryouts–the countdown is on. 🙂 Shows this weekend and next, then a day of USDAA, a match, and the Big Show.

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