Ticket 1/18/11

So, haven’t been able to have more aframe practice until today, since the weather has not cooperated. Worked on it this morning, and it looked fabulous. No stride regulators on at all, since it seemed that they were messing Tic up more then they were helping her. Her first two reps were higher in the yellow then I’d like, but clearly in. All other reps (save the one BAD rep), looked great. I added more obstacles in sequence as we went on, and started to vary my position and handling. She did VERY well, and I’m definitely feeling better about it. I will continue to add more obstacles to the sequence, as the more she does before she gets to the aframe, the more over the top she tends to be. Which is one of the reasons I was so excited when she nailed her first attempts this am–she was CRAZY excited to play, and that’s when she likes to fly.

This afternoon we also worked on some wicked rear crosses, and some lead out pivots. Definitely a work in progress on these rear crosses, but nothing terribly surprising. I was ecstatic with that last rep. Also worked on lead out pivots. Started out with the second jump ahead and lateral–no problems there. Then went to work on a 3 jump sequence where I led out very close to parallel with where Ticket was. She did great, though had a few moments of confusion we had to work through. All in all, very good training session.

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