Tryouts Wrapup

Whoops, guess I never wrote about Tryouts. We had a great time, and I’m very proud of my girl. She made big strides between 2009 and 2010, and hopefully we can put it all together in 2011. She had some great runs, some close runs, and only one “bad” run. She really struggled with the surface, and her jumping was off all weekend. It was honestly the worst dirt we’ve run on in recent memory, and we ALWAYS show on dirt.

Her turns were tight, and I didn’t have any moments in my walkthrus where I thought “I can’t do this.” What I really felt we lacked was overall fitness. Her muscle just isn’t what it was last year, and because of that, I think her speed is just a half step off. I will definitely continue to work on that. When we move, I want to buy a treadmill, which I think will help.

So, I’m proud of how she did, and I expect even better things next year. Congrats to everyone who made the team–should be a great time in Germany!

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