Well, 3 days until we leave for AKC Nationals! Trip and I are running really well, and I believe we’re as ready as we can be. She’s so honest, and she seems to be reading my mind. We had a good tuneup doing USDAA this weekend. She got her Masters Pairs, Jumpers, and Snooker titles, as well as a standard leg. All she needs for her ADCH is a standard leg, a DAM team, and two Grand Prix. I have a feeling it will be Grand Prix that comes last–we seem to be cursed. 🙂

We had some excellent teeter practice this weekend–I did it every chance I got. She self released a couple of times, but luckily both were in Gamblers and I was able to correct it. Her last two she held them solid until released as I ran past. She did a great job reading my leadouts and collecting for turns at the beginning of courses. A year ago, she’d be blasting past me at the start because she was ready to GO. Her jumping was great, and she had a lot more power then at our last USDAA trial a month ago–definitely in better condition now.

So, I’ll be heading up to Tulsa early Thursday morning. Fingers crossed for a great weekend! 🙂


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