Back Home

Well, finally made it back home after a very long trip. Hawaii was beautiful, the weather was wonderful, and we got to see some really cool places. But, I am glad to be back home with my pups. I picked up Trip and the Tripletts on our way home from the airport, and I can’t BELIEVE how big they are. AND they are little monsters! Full of energy, into EVERYTHING–they’re lucky they’re so cute! They are currently in their new home in the living room.

On the flight I had a chance to reread parts of some of my favorite books on motivation and training, trying to remember what I want to do with all of the pups, but mine in particular. I LOVE Susan Garrett’s Shaping Success, and Bobbie Anderson’s Building Blocks for Performance. Somewhere around here I have SG’s Ruff Love, which I like for all the game ideas. I’ve also watched a Karen Pryor Puppy Clicker Training DVD, and the first part of SG’s Crate Games. I think all of that will be very helpful for laying the foundation I want.

I will try to post some more new pics and hopefully a video, but my camera battery is currently dead. I did get a single height measurement on a very wiggly Crackle, who is the tallest (though they’re all very close together in size), and we got him at ~6″–they will be 6 weeks on Thursday. SO, no oversized puppies yet, but no idea whre they will end up size-wise either. Pop is just under 3#, Crackle is right at 3.5#, and Snap is a bit over 3.5#.

I’m sure the next few weeks will be busy busy busy! 🙂


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