The Trip-lettes have arrived!

Well, today was whelpday! Last night was pretty rough, and I got very little sleep. Trip was extremely restless, scratching at the dog bed, on our bed, off our bed, etc. I got up to check and make sure she wasn’t in labor, and she settled a little bit after that. This morning her temperature had dropped, and she wasn’t interested in breakfast (after eating well the whole pregnancy). I decided that today was the day.

We ended up doing the C-section about noon. About 10:30-11:00, Trip started getting very restless in her cage, nesting, circling, etc. When I got her out to get her ready for surgery, her water broke. By the time she was on the table about to be induced, she was already having contractions. So, the timing could not have been more perfect.

Trip made it through the cesarean with flying colors, and all the pups were easily revived. I’m very happy with how the anesthesia went.

There were three pups:
Blue boy — 7.1 oz
Blue girl — 6.2 oz
Sable boy — 5.3 oz

The blue boy had the biggest head, but looking at them now, I think she could have delivered them on her own. Ahh well, hindsight. At least now she is spayed, and won’t have to go through this again. If she understood that, she might forgive me for this. 🙂

The whelping box cam is now up and operational.


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