I’ve been starting to get things ready for the Trip-lets this week. I went out and bought some of the most obnoxious toys I could find–they sing, they dance, they move around. Also found a keyboard and a skateboard.

I decided to use a huge cardboard box from work as a whelping box. That way, when we’re done with it, I can just toss it out. I put some wooden dowels in it to make a rail for the pups so they don’t get squished. I found some mattress pad protectors to line the bottom of my box–quilted on one side, vinyl on the other, so the moisture doesn’t seep through.

I will be having a webcam of Trip and her pups, so I can keep an eye on them when I’m at work. We will be doing everything possible to have someone here as much as possible the first 2-3 weeks, and definitely the first 3 days, but much of the time it will likely be Ryan, so this way *I* can see what’s going on too. And as they get older, I can still keep an eye on them. We may put a second camera up as well–will just have to see how that will work.

Trip has been doing well. No weight gain, but her behavior is definitely “off.” She’s a little clingy, a little whiney, and a little less active. She is of course entitled to be all of those things. 🙂

Here is a test recording, similar to what will be seen with the webcam stream.

Watch live video from schaez on


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