AKC Nationals-Saturday

We had a good day. Trip was clean BOTH runs–I’m so very proud of her. She had a super standard run, with only one AAGGHH moment. At the end of the course, she didn’t read my rear cross, and headed straight for the weaves instead of the chute. I knew it would be a problem, but that’s why I chose the rear cross. Not enough, apparently. She called off and avoided a refusal, to earn 15th place in the class.

In JWW, we weren’t connected. I got had two head checks that almost caused a refusal, and a wide turn at the end. I think I was overhandling in an attempt to tighten her up, since she has the ground speed to really excel in jumpers. It ended up costing us, but she still managed a respectable time.

We are currently 14th overall. The top 11 dogs make it. So, we need to be clean, and have some help tomorrow. I will do what we need to do, and see where the chips fall. No matter what happens, I’m ecstatic with the way Trip is running this weekend. It’s also great to see all the super world team dogs, former world team dogs, and dogs’ that have competed at tryouts, in person. It really emphasizes how the tiniest thing can be the difference between a placement and not.

Anyway, more updates tomorrow or Monday.

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