We had a great weekend at NADFA AKC Agiility in Hitchcock, TX. While it was too chilly and WINDY, the girls did great. Mardi got Double Qs BOTH days, and a FAST leg, for a perfect 5/5 weekend. She managed some placements along the way as well. Trip was not far behind–she was 3/4 in regular classes, one called dogwalk contact away from a perfect weekend. First place in all her runs. That is #17 toward her MACH–3 more until that, and meeting her qualifications for 2010 Nationals. Mardi earned Double Qs #12 and #13 (I think), and only needs one more to meet her Nationals requirements. Of course, I don’t know if she will be going, since her trip depends on my being able to drive there. Fingers crossed for Tulsa!

Lori has the Sunday QQs for both girls on her camera, and I’ll post the video when she uploads it. Here are Trip’s Saturday runs, and Mardi’s JWW run. It was the most fun on a JWW course I have ever had!

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