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Heat Stroke

June 18, 2012

Now that summer is upon us, I want to discuss heat stroke.  Heat stroke is when your dog’s core body temperature rises from a normal 100-102 degrees to 106-109 degrees.  Heat stroke is life-threatening, and can cause tissue necrosis, sepsis, and death.  It occurs in hot, humid environments, where dogs don’t have water and/or shade.  […]

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Preparing for an Emergency Evacuation

June 13, 2012

Now that hurricane season is upon us here along the Gulf Coast, I’ve been thinking about my evacuation and disaster plan. With an event like a hurricane, you have the luxury of forewarning, typically for a couple of days, so admittedly it feels a little less urgent. But your evacuation and disaster preparedness isn’t just […]

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Canine Cruciate Injuries

June 9, 2012

So, to go along with the Bad Dog Agility podcast, here’s an actual Blog post about cruciate injuries in our dogs.  As we discussed on the podcast, I’ve experienced this injury both as a vet diagnosing the problem, as well as an owner who’s dog has been through TPLO surgery and rehab.  And unfortunately, Ticket […]

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