May is almost here…

And May means–Team Tryouts!  I’m really looking forward to taking Trip this year, and I feel as prepared as we can possibly be.  I have a dog who is running great–fast and happy,  and who understands pretty much everything I want of her, as long as she gets the right information.  Will have to really focus at Tryouts to make sure I’m making the correct handling choices for her, but I’m excited.  I really thought that after skipping last year, Trip was done with Tryouts, but with everything that has happened with Ticket, I decided to move forward with making this TRIP’S year.  So excited!!!

If you’re interested in watching Tryouts at home, AgilityVision is once again offering livestream.  It’s a great product, and helps support the team.

Ticket has not been forgotten. 🙂  I have been continuing to work on strengthening and conditioning, and I can finally SEE the difference in her.  While she still has more muscle in her “good” leg, her surgery leg is really coming along.  She’s starting to look pretty good jumping 12″, so I’m going to bump her up to 16″ on short sequences and see what she looks like.  But I could definitely see the difference between today and what she looked like a few weeks ago in terms of her jumping.  It really is all about strength.  I’m hoping to remeasure her leg in about a week and see where we are at, but I definitely see the progress.

Hope for many happy developments this month… 🙂


Double Q Double Blue ice cream for a superstar 🙂

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