Ticket April 2, 2013

I don’t even know where to count from anymore.  It’s been 21 weeks since Ticket’s first surgery on her right knee, 8 weeks since the second.  She’s doing GREAT!  Working really hard on the underwater treadmill and at home, and responding the way we want.  Today, we measured her thigh muscles to see where we’re at, and I’m pleasantly surprised.  That’s what happens when you have low expectations. 🙂  6 weeks ago (2 weeks after her second surgery), she was at 23cm.  Today, she was at 25cm.  For comparison, her normal leg is 28cm.  So, definitely making progress, which makes me happy.

She’s cleared to start some easy agility stuff, though I’ve been surprisingly slow to do that.  I’ve done two set point drills, which she handled well.  I’m going to lower my contacts, to make sure she knows where that back leg is.  And I guess we’ll start working on straight line exercises, and see how she does.  My current goal is a trial in 6.5 weeks, but there are a lot of “iffs” in that plan, so we’ll just have to see how she does.  But all in all, I’m very encouraged, and think she’s going to be back soon.

In Trip news, she ran FANTASTIC last weekend.  The best she has looked in MONTHS.  I just don’t know why.  Likes the location, no pain, moon and stars aligned…who knows.  But it made ME happy to see her so happy.  Going to try to maintain that moving forward.  We’re going to the USDAA South Central Regional this weekend, and then in two weeks, a local AKC show.  2 weeks after that–International Team Tryouts in Minnesota.  Booked my flight today.  I’ve been working hard on International-style coursework, which Trip manages with ease.  Really looking forward to testing her on those courses.

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