TPLO Redux–4 weeks

Ticket is actually showing some improvement now, 4 weeks after surgery #2. She is walking better, with less of a limp, though it certainly increases with muscle fatigue. However, she also seems to have better exercise tolerance. So, even after working very hard on the underwater treadmill, she is only slightly more lame, and it doesn’t persist. That’s an improvement from the first surgery, where I was never able to improve her exercise tolerance. She just hit a wall, and couldn’t increase more. And when she was working hard on the underwater treadmill, that was all she could do for the day. She is also using it better at faster speeds, but will sometimes carry the leg there. Still, every improvement is a step in the right direction.

I’m working on weight-bearing exercises with Ticket. Shaping her to lift the opposite rear leg. Peanut ball work. And I’m going to start adding some incline work on the treadmill, and see if I can get her to walk with greater range of motion. We’ll see how that affects her. But really, this is the first real improvement I think I’ve seen, and I’m going to keep hoping we’re finally getting where we need to be.

On an unrelated-to-Ticket note, Trip is doing well. We leave for Nationals in 8 days. Trip is ready. She is running well, nailing her dogwalk contacts, and I feel good about where we are. She had a “unhappy” moment at the trial this weekend, and seemed tight in her back, so I’m focusing on taking it easy heading into Nationals. She’ll keep getting laser, acupuncture, and massage, and hopefully that will keep her right in Tulsa. I’m excited to be running her, and I’m focusing on making this *her* Nationals. My motto for this Nationals is “All In,” thanks to Drew Brees and Nine Brand. 🙂

Challenges and adversity confront us everyday,
They motivate and inspire us to always find a way.
Sometimes it is the hand we’re dealt or just the circumstance,
But together we can rest assured we always stand a chance.
Our attitude and courage are as strong as they have been,
And once again we will rise up to proclaim that we’re ALL IN.

Good luck to everyone competing in Tulsa, and I hope we see you there!

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