TPLO 12 weeks

So, the last two weeks haven’t been great. I didn’t feel like Ticket was progressing. If anything, it felt like she was more lame. And I just wasn’t happy with how she looked. I took her back for a recheck today, and we decided to go back in on her knee.

It’s a hard decision to make, but it’s not something I do lightly. I just *feel* like there is something else going on, and time isn’t going to fix it. The surgeon agreed that it seems like something is not right. It’s hurting me everyday to watch her, and I just can’t do it anymore. So, Monday, we’re going to take the plate and screws out, scope her knee again, and give her an injection in her knee of hyaluronic acid, that will hopefully provide a little more comfort for her inside the joint. My hope is that the problem is the hardware. If there’s a screw backing out, or a screw broken, or the plate is taking all the stress and not allowing the bone to heal, then removing the hardware might be the cure. We’re going to culture in case of infection. And we’re going to scope the joint, and look for any problems there.

Ticket will have 10 days of crate rest, and then we’ll see. I hope once she recovers from the surgery itself, that she is finally able to heal.

Love and miss my blue girlie…

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