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TPLO Week 3 — Same old, same old

December 1, 2012

No real change this week in our rehab plan.  I’m going to increase our 10 minute walks by a couple of minutes later in the week, and see how Ticket does.  She’s doing great on the treadmill–she did 14 minutes on Tuesday.  She’s not having any limping, but is having the occasional weight-shifting in her […]

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November 21, 2012

  I’m not a big Thanksgiving person.  OK, honestly, I hate the holiday.  The food, the insane crowds everywhere, the traffic if you want to go ANYWHERE, the stress–ARGH, can’t stand it.  That said, I’ve been hearing so much complaining about every little thing lately, especially in the agility world, that I thought I’d take […]

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TPLO Week 2

November 20, 2012

Ticket is doing great 2 weeks post-op.  She had her 2 week recheck appointment today, and everything is looking great.  Still some mild effusion of the stifle, but nothing unexpected.  She continues to use the leg well.  She also had her initial rehab evaluation, and is looking great there as well.  She is basically just […]

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