TPLO Week 2

A sheltie protest…

Ticket is doing great 2 weeks post-op.  She had her 2 week recheck appointment today, and everything is looking great.  Still some mild effusion of the stifle, but nothing unexpected.  She continues to use the leg well.  She also had her initial rehab evaluation, and is looking great there as well.  She is basically just like she was at this point after her first TPLO surgery in terms of muscle mass, flexion, and extension, just with the legs reversed.  She had her first underwater treadmill session today for about 10 minutes, and tolerated it with the same martyrdom she does ALL water.  At least here, she gets cookies.

At home, we’ll be going to 10 minute walks twice daily, but watching closely for any change in gait or lameness.  I’ll continue to use ice after these walks to decrease any resulting inflammation.  True to my pledge to be more “aggressive” with rehab this time, we have another appointment on Friday morning.  Yup, my Black Friday will be spent fighting traffic across from the largest mall in Houston (The Galleria) to get my girlie 10 minutes on the treadmill.  Then onto work in the afternoon.  Tulsa or bust!

We’re taking it slow and steady, despite Ticket’s reassurance that she’s feeling fine, and her desire to sprint with abandon to the finish line.  This is one race where slow and steady really will win it.  Her recheck xrays are scheduled for 12/28, and I assure you, it can’t get here soon enough. 🙂

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