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So, an update on how we are doing competition-wise lately. We had one more show, Labor Day weekend on soccer turf. Awesome surface, awesome courses!  And lucky Grandma Mary there again.


Trip was perfection.  She was 6/6 for the weekend, earning 3 QQs with 1st and 2nd place runs.  Just brilliant.  I also found out over the weekend that she is currently in the Top 5 in Shelties for the 2013 Invitational.  That’s what all those QQs will get you, I guess–she has been on fire lately.  I really don’t think we show enough to keep it up, and I’ve never really paid attention before, but if she continues to run this well, I will for sure keep my eyes open.  I can’t really spend the time or money it would take campaign for Invitational, but we have a lot of shows on our own–who knows.  Like I said, I will definitely be paying attention if this Q rate keeps us. 🙂

Ticket was brilliant!  She earned a standard leg, a JWW leg, and a Double Q.  She also earned her MXJ title!  We were SO CLOSE to another QQ, but I let down for a split second, and she took me off guard and went off course.  Very disappointed in myself, because we had that run.  The JWW courses were challenging for us–one I had to keep improvising, but managed to QQ, and one I had to suck it up and go for it, and she did fantastic!  So proud of little baby blue.  We are just clicking and really becoming a team, and every run with her is a joy.  She continues to make progress towards qualifying for Tulsa–only 2 more QQs needed now.  We have shows coming up in Baton Rouge, as well as San Antonio, before our local shows start.  I really hope to knock those 2 QQs out in our next 3 shows (that’s me trying not to be too optimistic).  Baton Rouge will like be headed home for me, though just another place for Ticket.  I’ll get to visit with my LA friends, and show under a couple of great judges–can’t wait!

I’ve also been working some “international” practice courses to get some video of Ticket on a few of those style of courses prior to her next TPLO surgery. I know it’s coming–I’m trying to plan ahead. Ticket now only needs 1 JWW score to qualify for next year’s World Team Tryouts. I’m not 100% we’ll go at this point–I will wait for news on what the plans are for dealing with the location, but I’m leaning towards it. Ticket has such a solid foundation–it amazes me that there are things I can trust her not to do, that I have to watch for with Trip. Mostly, I need to learn where I’m realistically doing to be when running her, so that I don’t try to force handling maneuvers that won’t then work. I’m pretty good at figuring it out on our typical courses, but with the challenges of international courses, often you have to more stationary to handle a technical sequence, which then leaves you behind for the next bit. But, we continue to make progress, and Ticket continues to blow my mind.

Both girls are getting an agility-free week while Ticket recovers from a respiratory virus she picked up at the last show. I won’t rehash the details here, but she started coughing pretty bad, but is doing fine on medication, and acting like her normal self (plus cough). Definitely much improved. I’m trying to look at it in a positive light–I know I have a hard time doing NO agility, even if we don’t have a show. We go to class, or even if we skip class, go train with a friend. I can’t tell you the last time we went over a week with NO agility. After a pretty tough month of training/trialing, I think the week off will be a nice break to recharge those batteries, recover from any soreness, and get ready for the next bout. Double Qs or bust! 🙂


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