Hattiesburg AKC Agility

MACH4 Trip with judges Mary Mullen and Carla Boudrot


Last weekend the girls and I made the long trip to Hattiesburg, MS, for 3 days of agility in the air-conditioning.  I used to go this show every year when I lived in Baton Rouge, but it’s a lot farther now.  I forgot how wonderful the show site is–the dirt was perfect, plenty of crating, tons of grass for the pups to play, and lots of good friends.

It doesn’t hurt that we had a lot of success this weekend.  Trip went 7 for 8, with 2 Double Qs, 2 Time to Beat legs, and her MACH 4 title.  Oh, and all 1st place runs.  Ticket also had a great weekend.  She earned her second Double Q towards Tulsa, of course on Sunday since she likes to leave me hanging.  She qualified in Standard all 3 days, and won Time to Beat one day.  The counter to that was her less then stellar stays, one of which resulted in her being carried back to her crate.  Must go back to fundamentals there.  But still, I was ECSTATIC to earn that QQ, after being SO CLOSE for the last couple of months.

One other awesome piece of news.  Ryan has agreed that we can go to Belgium for the European Open next year!!!!  My plan would be to take both Trip and Ticket, if possible.  Of course, it requires all 3 of us being physically and mentally prepared to face those challenges, and focusing our training on what we’ll see over there.  I know both girls can do it, and I’m super excited.  Definitely need to make sure that health-wise both girls are in top form, which means I’ll need to make some decisions about Ticket’s right knee very soon.

I’m focusing a lot on my own fitness as well–upping my protein, started a vitamin regimen that I’m liking so far, and adding weight-training to my cardio.  Hopefully it will help me keep up with that blue monster. 🙂

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