Two for One Day–Weekend Recap

Trip, Ticket, and I had a FABULOUS weekend of showing.  We were at a new facility for dog shows, the Legends Sports Complex in the Woodlands.  This is an indoor, air-conditioned facility, with amazing soccer turf–deep artificial grass with rubber pellets.  Trip has shown on soccer turf before and loved it, but Ticket is now a believer as well.  I did not see a single dog slip or struggle with the surface all weekend.  I never want to show on dirt again! 🙂

Trip had a perfect weekend, earning 2 Double Qs with 3 1sts and 1 2nd place.  She had an amazing JWW run where she was so fast and happy–it made my day.  I really feel like Trip and I are starting to click again after being out of sorts since her return from injury.  She is now only 5 QQs from MACH4, and only needs one more QQ to qualify for Tulsa.

Ticket also had a fantastic weekend.  The surface really helped with her bar-knocking.  The previous weekend in Belton, she qualified 1/4, with all 3 NQs due to knocking ONE bar each run.  Which, honestly, is an improvement for her, and her jumping was really looking quite good.  I was hopeful that the soccer turf would help us, and it did.  Ticket was 3/4, and earned her FIRST DOUBLE Q!!!!  Her only fault was dropping the last bar of her Saturday JWW run, after a miscommunication where I didn’t end up where I wanted to be, and had to wing it.  Sunday, her JWW run was simply breath-taking–she ran it at 7+ YPS.  Not bad for a blue monster with a bum knee. 🙂  The weekend was extra-exciting because we were showing under Mary Mullen, Ticket’s grandma.  Mary and her husband Rick own Dillon, Ticket’s daddy.  So it was extra special for her to meet Ticket and Rugby, and see Ticket get her first QQ.

This was my best weekend of showing since I’ve been competing with both Trip and Ticket in Excellent.  I’m hopeful it’s a sign of good things to come–Ticket and I have been SO CLOSE to clicking and getting it all together recently.  She is now 1/6 of the way towards qualifying for Tulsa, and I can now believe that anything is possible–I could see her rattling off a couple in a row.  I’m looking forward to 4 whole days of agility at Reliant–hopefully we’ll manage more QQs on dirt.

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