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Next week, I’m going to be doing a podcast with Bad Dog Agility, about cruciate injuries in dogs.  This is unfortunately an extremely common injury, and way too many agility competitors have had to deal with this in their own performance dogs. I’ve been on both sides, as both a veterinarian being the bearer of bad news, and an owner, having managed TPLO surgery and rehab for my own young Sheltie, Ticket, after a partial CCL tear. She will be having TPLO surgery again soon, on the opposite leg (another common issue), so I will be trying to be even more thorough in blogging about the process.

This is a chance for you to ask any questions YOU may have about the injury, TPLO surgery, or rehab.  I can’t promise to address everything, but we’ll try, and if we miss something, I may be able to followup about it later on my Blog. Please, only “general” questions–I can’t address specific problems with you and your dog, since I haven’t examined them. So please, email me here to send any questions.

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