Memorial Day Recap

So, this weekend is pretty much the opposite of last weekend. Not great on paper, but fast, happy runs by Trip. She had 3 1st place JWW runs, and NO Qs in Standard, which was truly bizarre. Still, I’m ok with it, because even though it was blazing hot, Trip was stress-free and happy. She struggled with the surface more then I would have expected–I didn’t really have an issue with it, but there were ruts and she stumbled several times, and dropped some bars. Still, SO happy with how she ran. I hope Ft. Worth was a fluke.

Ticket did not do great. Bars were a big problem this weekend, and we just weren’t connecting. I’m sure it was a combination of her knee, and again, the surface. We don’t have another show for awhile, so I’ll give her another shot or two, but if she can’t keep the bars up, for whatever reason, it’s time for surgery. Again, I had several people tell me this weekend that they wouldn’t know she had a problem unless I’d said something. In general, she’s not running like a dog who’s hurt, but that will have to remain the case for me to keep going with her.

Time for a break from trialing! Hope to focus on some conditioning with Trip in the next couple of weeks…

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