Prepping for SC Regional

When can we STOP taking it easy???

We’ve been taking it easy lately, little bit of training but not really drilling, still watching both girls health. Trip seems to be fantastic–happier then she has been in a long time. Ticket always WANTS to go, but I still find myself being careful because if she gets hot/tired, she won’t protect herself from injury.

This coming weekend is the South Central Regional in Ft. Worth. I’m really looking forward to it, even though I’m primarily an AKC girl, I think because I’m just craving a big event. We had Nationals, but then I skipped Tryouts, so I think I’ve been a little down about it. I think it’s easy when you’re competing a lot to get a little complacent, and I am definitely feeling that. This weekend should remedy that. For those who don’t know, USDAA has one “National” event each year (Cynosport, this year in Colorado), but they also have several “Regional” events throughout the country. These Regionals allow dogs to earn a Bye into the semi-final round at Nationals, meaning one less round you have to qualify in to make the Finals. They tend to be larger then the average show, people travel farther for them, and they have a little more “atmostphere.” This one should be particularly interesting since last weekend the same building held the IFCS Championships.

Trip and Ticket will both be competing. Trip is already qualified for Nationals, so I’m just looking for those semi-final byes. Ticket will be running in Steeplechase, but she needs to qualify in the local Grand Prix on Friday to be able to run in Grand Prix Round 1 on Saturday. Fingers crossed for her–she’s been SO close. Tic also has the chance to finish a couple of titles, so we’ll see how it goes.

I rarely get to do 3 days of agility, and work has been crazy lately, so I’m REALLY excited to get out of town and compete. Then next weekend, Memorial Day, and 3 MORE days of agility, though instead of freezing cold AC, I’ll be sweating outside fighting off mosquitoes. Oh well, my dogs always do well there, and THEY get to be comfortable snoozing under fans. Lucky them. 🙂

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