3 weeks In

Well, Ticket has had 3 shows back. Weekend #2 was forgettable–some confusion on her aframe contact, bars, and general suckiness. Last weekend was much improved. First aframe some confusion and stopping halfway, the rest were GREAT. She did drop some bars in JWW, but I was still pretty happy with how she did. Sadly, blew two Qs in Standard for…refusing the table! Ugh, of all the obstacles, really?! Definitely avoidance behavior, and unfortunately, starting to show some signs of stress around it. I know she doesn’t want to get on it, presumably because she has to stop and wait there, and everywhere else she gets to run. Though why that doesn’t translate to her contacts, who knows?

SOO, went home, and finished building the table. The only obstacle I don’t own. Figures. I know she doesn’t have enough value for it, so that’s what we’re working on. She is currently eating her meals on the table, and I’m trying to have cookies in my pocket so if she decides to get on it, we have a party. Hmm, maybe I should put it in the house? Another great idea someone gave me was to ask for the table, then quickly release and reward with something fun. I’ll use the tunnel and other agility equipment, but she also loves the Chuckit, so all of those things will be good rewards for getting on the table. We have USDAA this weekend, so lots of runs, but only two tables. Good news–she’s in Starters, where refusals aren’t called, so there will be no added stress from me get on the table without stopping/avoiding. When she gets on it, I can tell her what a good girl she is. I’m really looking forward to USDAA since we’ll get more runs, and HOPEFULLY manage to finish her AD. If she can keep the bars up in Jumpers… And I’m hopeful we may be able to get a GP or Steeplechase Q, but who knows…

I’m also super excited about this weekend because it will be Trip’s first show back. She is just starting back in agility this week after conditioning/rehab, and I don’t plan to do a lot with her on that front. Maybe just two days with a little bit of work, and I may even jump her 8″. We have an acupuncture session on Wednesday, and I plan to have her massaged on Saturday at the trial. I’m SO nervous, but also so very hopeful that we have finally kicked this thing. She seems to be very happy and acting like herself, but there weren’t a lot of changes at home, so it’s hard to say–the big difference was in competition. Specifically, in the Jumpers ring. The good thing will be Saturday I picked “jumpers” type classes–P3 Jumpers, International Jumpers, and Snooker. So hopefully she will be stoked to be in the ring again, and realize that she doesn’t hurt and is having fun (in case there is a mental component as well). Sunday, she gets to do what she likes–Gamblers and Standard. I’m really looking forward to finishing a course with my best girl again.

Here are Ticket’s runs from the weekend. Lots of great moments–we’ll put it all together one day. 🙂

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