New and Improved

So, thanks to Sarah and Esteban, I’m relaunching my new and improved blog/website.  I love the format, and I think it’s much more user friendly.  I hope to include more training info in the future, so stay tuned.  There will probably still be a few tweaks, but the majority of it is there.

Biggest news–I’m doing a seminar in San Antonio at Swift Dogs Agility in February.  Here is the flyer with more info: Seminar Flyer.

If you click on a tag, it will pull up all the relevant posts.  So it’s easy to pull up the posts on foundation training that I did with Ticket last year, or on contacts, etc.

On my videos page, I have a couple of playlists from my Youtube channel.  One is the contact training Ticket did–her progression through the running aframe, as well as some dogwalk video.  The other is the videos that go along with some of the foundation training exercises I’ve done with Ticket–positional cue exercises, double box work, etc.  I will also be adding Ticket’s rehab videos into one playlist and posting that as well.

If you like something, please share, or follow, or whatever.  Please make comments and ask questions.  I really am hoping to make this site more interactive, and make it available to more people.

Ticket will be happy I’m not engrossed in the computer anymore.  Happy training!

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