TPLO — Day 5

Day 5, and Ticket is doing well.  She is using her leg well– a mild limp, but no hesitation to bear weight.  She is really feeling TOO good–she gets excited and wants to jump up on me, or do Sheltie spins.  This pic is Ticket giving Jedi mind tricks a try–“You WILL let me out of the crate.”

To help with rehab/recovery (and because I like them a lot), I got Ticket a Julius K9 harness.  It is very well made, has a handle, is very quick easy to put on and take off.  It’s also very cute, and Ticket doesn’t mind wearing it at all.

I’m continuing to do ROM on her knee, and ice packs, twice a day.  She likes the attention, and her range of motion seems to be very good.  Mostly, she gets bored and takes a nap when it’s time for the ice pack.

Not a lot of changes in routine this week.  Still taking it easy post-op.  I’m heading to San Antonio for Continuing Education, and Ticket will be coming with me.  Crate time in a hotel instead of at home or work.  Only 51 more days of crate rest! 🙂


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