Better Days

Well, things have been tough down here. Trip and Ticket are BOTH currently injured. It started with Trip in Monroe. Took her to a friend and finally figured out the problem was neck pain. Even figured out what happened–she got her head hung up in a chute in class the day after she had a “all clear” massage. Sigh. So, she was on meds and had acupuncture for a week, but wasn’t doing any better. Then she got more meds, more acupuncture, and as of yesterday, is actually looking much better. So I’m optimistic that she will be feeling good for Reliant next week.

Because I didn’t have enough to worry about, Ticket came up inexplicably lame after class last week. No idea what she did–came home, and later that night, she’s limping on her back leg. Rested her, and she seemed back to normal, but when I took her to class a week later, she was a little gimpy again. So, more rest, trying to play it very safe before Reliant.

Trip can handle a break and enter a show at 100%, but I’m more worried about Ticket. She’s nuts if she stays in the crate all day and doesn’t come to work with me. But honestly, if she’s healthy and happy, I’ll take 4 days of NQs at Reliant because she’s over the top 🙂 We need that ring practice to keep working on becoming a team, so I hope she recovers from this injury quickly and we’re able to move forward. She’s too young to be having problems–she thinks she’s invincible 🙂

I can’t WAIT for Reliant. I know a lot of people don’t like the surface, but I love the AC, the crowds, and the SHOPPING! It’s always a blast, and I look forward to it every summer. It’s not often I get to do 4 days of agility, and while it’s always exhausting, it’s worth every minute. I’m lucky in that my dogs have always handled the surface well (I believe the last 2 years Trip was 8/8 and 7/8, and Mardi earned 2 MACHs there). If anyone struggles, it will be Miss Ticket, who’s motto is “Slowing down is for LOSERS.” Hopefully she will take a page from her mom and ADJUST.

The one good thing about having no dogs to train is it’s given me time to work on this seminar, and I’m making some good progress. I’m really starting to look forward to it, and it should be a great experience. I think I have a lot of good information to share. Hopefully this will be the first step towards doing more private lessons and getting to spend more time doing something I really enjoy.

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