The countdown is on…

It’s almost time…AKC Nationals is fast approaching. I’m getting very excited, as always. Trip had a good day of USDAA last Sunday. She had a gorgeous, smoking Performance Grand Prix run, but knocked a bar, at 12″. Couldn’t see any reason for it, but it’s gonna happen sometime. Hopefully it will be another year before she drops a bar. 🙂 I’ll take it at a local show vs. the Nationals, that’s for sure. She did some great running dogwalks, but I really pushed the last one and pulled hard away from the dogwalk, and she two-strided it and came off the side. Walked her off for that one, but that’s ok. I have never been so confident in her running dogwalk, which is truly a feeling I haven’t had before. I got to work on her teeter–she didn’t hold it the first time in Gamblers, but held it the next 3 times, including on a hard front cross in GP, and layering a jump with a FC in Standard.

I’m still taking it easy this week. We’ll run a couple of straightforward courses, practice 5-10 dogwalks a day, and probably throw some teeter practice in there as well. I also hope to set up some speed circles and just have fun–maybe I’ll link that with the contacts… She had a massage on Sunday, and had some back issues, and her shoulders were a bit tight. She had some deeper areas in her back that were a problem, but Ken didn’t want to try too hard to get that worked out when I was about to run her in Grand Prix. She’ll get her pre-Nationals massage on Tuesday, as well as adjusted, and hopefully that will put her right before heading to Virginia.

We are ready–Finals or bust! 🙂

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