Nice weekend

I’m very proud of both my girls this weekend. Trip was once again 4/4 with two Double Qs, and now only needs 2 more for MACH3. She did two brilliant dogwalks, one with me pulling away and using a threadle arm to keep her off the off-course jump straight ahead that got more than a few dogs. They really were not our best runs ever–we were very disconnected in Sundays standard course, and I didn’t feel like she was really driving like she can.

I actually think she is tired, or maybe sore, from all the work we’ve been putting in for Nationals and Tryouts. SO, this week, Trip gets a break. No agility, no chasing the ball, nothing. I am taking her to a USDAA trial next Sunday to run Grand Prix, but wont’ do anything leading up to that. The following week, I’m planning on doing some easy, fun stuff–speed circles, straight lines, etc. Nothing technical–I want her thinking about speed heading into the Nationals. When we start doing stuff again, I’m going to cut back on the dogwalks–hopefully get in 5/day, but no more.

Ticket did great. She had a phenomenal standard run on Saturday–her best run in competition to date. Absolutely perfect. She followed it up with Qs in JWW and Standard on Sunday, though those runs weren’t perfect. She missed the weave pole entry in both–JWW was tough, but there was really no excuse in standard. She was also stopping short of her contact position on Sunday. THat said, they were both very nice runs, and I’m super proud of her. Only need one more leg in each, and we’re out of Open! It’s about a month until her next trial, and we will be doing a lot of work on weave pole entrances in the interim.

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