Finding the balance…

My runs this weekend got me thinking about my current handling dilemma. How do you find the balance between the super tight lines that are the most efficient path, and the pure ground speed that gets you through the course as quickly as possible? Somehow, you have to find the balance between the two, and I’m struggling a bit with it right now. When hundredths of a second separate placements at the highest levels, every extra stride matters, but so does maintaining the fastest YPS.

I’ve spent so long trying to get Trip tighter with decel and positional cue, and it’s finally starting to pay off in some phenomenal lines. But to get those turns, you obviously have to bleed off some speed and then accelerate again out of the turn. And that leads to the question–is it better to take an extra stride if it means that you maintain their momentum and overall ground speed? I think there must be times when it’s better to maintain your speed, and times where it’s better have the tightest line, but I’m not sure how to identify each case.

It’s also possible that this is just an issue for me and Trip. I know that when I really focus on tight turns, Trip tends to drive forward the tiniest bit less. She knows I’m working the turns, and at some point I’m going to ask for it, so she inches back off the accelerator the smallest bit so she’s better able to make that turn. So maybe that’s what I really need to be working on–switching back and forth between decel and accel. I’ve certainly been working that, but maybe it needs to be more of a focus.

So, any thoughts on finding a balance? Or should we just be trying to have it all?

Here are some runs from the weekend.

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