3 weeks and counting…

3 weeks until Ticket’s first show.  Looking at recent Novice courses, I think she’s ready.  I’m sure she will have some baby dog moments, and I’ll have some WTF moments.  I’m not really looking forward to the big spaces and straight lines in Novice, but hopefully we won’t be there long. 🙂

My newest concern is her aframe contact.  Her last two training sessions her aframe has been pretty crappy.  She has started to leap, coming off as she hits the second stride regulator.  I was trying to put the aframe in sequences, but it doesn’t look like she’s quite ready for that yet.  So, I’m committing to getting aframe reps in every day, or hopefully twice a day.  I’ll start with just the aframe (well, with a tunnel-aframe), and then when she’s had several sessions where her striding looks great, start to add obstacles before and after.  What usually happens is her first reps are high on the contact, and then she improves as the session goes on.  When her first rep looks as good as her last, I’ll know she’s ready.  I still haven’t ruled out letting the running frame go and retraining a stop, but I think we can get the running with a little more work.

Here is her last session–the last reps look fantastic!

On another note, Trip continues to be her typical, amazing self. She went 4/4 this weekend, with 3 1sts and a 3rd place. Unfortunately, I only got to run her on Sunday, since I had to work. Catherine did a great job with her. I was very proud of her–she really drove her lines well, and made some great turns. Looking forward to more runs with her this month.

Here are Sunday’s runs:

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