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Well, I’ve managed to get behind again. So, here’s a rundown…

The Greg Derrett seminar was fantastic. I definitely got some great things to work on to hopefully get Trip where I want her to be. We honestly did better then I thought we would, considering I’m in rehab for early front cross cues and a card-carrying flicker. 🙂 We’ve definitely made some improvement, though will likely never be perfect. I hope to do better in my consistency with Ticket.

Our first USDAA trial of the year went well, though it really illustrated to me how Trip is still not in great condition. Jumping 16″ was a bit of a struggle with so many runs, and she was taking more strides and not driving forward quite as well. She still managed to make a dent in legs she needs for her ADCH, as well as getting her first Tournament Q (Steeplechase of course). Grand Prix is going to be the death of me. 🙂 Since that show, I’ve been focusing on Trip’s condition, running her up hills, and I’ve started doing the therapy ball with her. I think part of her problem is her “core” strength is gone after puppies, so hopefully the ball will help us with that.

We continue to do well in AKC. Trip and I have been very connected, and she’s now at 15 QQs towards MACH2. Lyly had a smashing weekend at NADFA, and went 4/4–she now only needs 4 QQs for HER MACH. She’s certainly come a long way 🙂 Mardi is still struggling, but things might be looking up. She actually got a Q in JWW this weekend, and weaved 2/4 runs. She doesn’t have any other trials before Nationals, so I’ll just have to see how she does…

Ticket is still a monster, but I love her personality. She’s never met a stranger, person or dog. She loves to tug, and switches back and forth between toys and food very well. She’s very focused on me when it’s time to “work.” I’ve decided to do 1RTO for her dogwalk contact. I think it gives me the best shot at teaching her to drive to the bottom quickly, which is what I’m looking for. I will do a running aframe, and 4 feet on the teeter.

Our future schedule for the next couple of months is very full. I’m having to balance AKC and USDAA, since I want to take Trip to USDAA Nationals this year, and she’s got to get qualified. So, I’ll be doing 3 USDAA trials, with AKC Nationals sandwiched in-between. I’m also trying to get Trip and Lyly prepared for World Team Tryouts in May. It never seems to end. 🙂

Here are some videos from our last couple of shows…


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