January Update

Wow, been awhile. January was a pretty good month. 🙂 We had 3 agility trials, that first one in San Antonio, and two local ones. All of the dogs did well, though we’re fighting some health issues.

Trip had moments of brilliance, and moments of ONE DARN THING going wrong. About what I expected after her layoff. She earned another QQ, #13 towards her MACH2, and had all 1st place runs. Her dogwalk has been brilliant–ever since I started training with this wire hoop-gizmo, it has looked amazing. I’m hopeful it will continue to hold up. I think the real test will be the USDAA trial in two weeks, where we will have many more opportunities for dogwalks over the weekend.

Mardi has been struggling physically. She has battled some front end issues over the last couple of years, and they seem to be resurfacing. She earned a Triple Q, and a couple of other Qs scattered out, but isn’t running like herself. She particularly struggles with the weave poles, which isn’t like her. So, she’s currently on crate rest for several weeks, and only has two shows left before Nationals. Hopefully she’ll bounce back ok with some rest. I took xrays of everything, and there just isn’t anything there, so I really feel like this is a soft-tissue injury. Unfortunately, those just need time. Luckily, since I don’t do much USDAA with her since her ADCH, she gets a few extra weekends off. 🙂

Shiner was supposed to compete in January, but instead luxated his superficial digital flexor tendon. He has had surgery to repair it, and is on the mend, but I am retiring him from agility for good. He actually had the same injury on the opposite leg in 2003 (right after I started vet school), and came back from it with no problem, but I really don’t see the need to push him into a return now. He’s achieved everything I’ve ever wanted from him, and he’s earned his spot on the couch. Maybe some obedience or some more Rally in our future, if I can ever bring myself to train it.

Ticket is now 12 weeks old, and an absolute monster. A gorgeous monster, but still, one bad puppy. I don’t remember Trip being this bad! But I’m having a lot of fun. I haven’t been rushing to teach her a lot, honestly, I’ve just been enjoying her being a puppy. I’ve been doing my first shaping, and she has a great down and sit with eye contact. We’re currently working on nose touches to my hand. I really need to get working on crate games, because that’s one place where she really is a monster, when she’s not getting her way.

This weekend Trip and I will be working two days with Greg Derrett. I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m hopeful that we will get some information to help us at Nationals and Tryouts.

Here’s some video of Trip, and some Ticket photos…

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