Three Weeks

Well, the puppies are doing great. They are 3 weeks old today, and really starting to grow up. I’ve started trying to introduce them to eating out of a dish–that could be going better, but they’ll get it. They are also really starting to play with each other, and notice toys. They are pawing and chewing on each other, and wrestling. For like 2 minutes, and then they pass out. 🙂 But it is SO CUTE!

I caught Snap tugging on the edge of a fleece, and Crackle in a play bow with wagging tail. Pop was checking out a rope toy, and dancing around a little soft toy that’s been in the box awhile. Adorable.

We’ll continue working on weaning, and adding toys and noise. Here are some pics–they aren’t the greatest, because it’s really hard to catch the play in the moment.

Crackle play bow

Hey, where did that toy come from?

Girl power!


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