Momma Trip

So, Trip’s mothering instincts took a little over 12 hours to kick in, but she’s doing absolutely fabulous now. At 4am, she was frantically licking one of the puppies, and looked at me while she was doing it like she was thinking “I have no idea why I’m doing this, but I MUST lick this puppy.” She’s been taking great care of her pups since then–cleaning and nursing them, and anytime *I* want to do something, like weigh them, she has to make sure they’re ok since they cry bloody murder.

I’m so proud of her, but what else could I expect from my perfect princess? Seriously, I swear she delivers whatever I ask for. AKC Finals–check…breed by September–check…blue girl–check. Obviously, it’s time for me to up the ante, and ask for BIGGER things, like WINNING at the Nationals. And we need to sit down and have a talk about the World Team. 🙂

Blue boy

Blue girl

The Boys


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