One week…

Well, Trip is huge and going to explode, having a hard time finishing her meals, and READY for these pups to come out. She’s gotten even more uncomfortable, and is very restless.

Due date is actually Thursday, 11/5. Hopefully we’ll be doing a Csection on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on what her temperature does. Once we have babies, Trip will have them in her box, with the webcam on close to 24/7.

Can’t wait to get this over with, and have a safe surgery with 3 healthy puppies, and Trip being a good mom. Then the fun will really begin.

I’ve been reading or rereading lots of good books on puppies, shaping, etc. Somewhere lost in the breeding, pregnancy, etc, is the fact that I am getting a new puppy! That I will have to decide how I want to train, socialize, etc. How did I forget about that? I’ve been reading Susan Garrett and Nancy Gyes’ blogs for ideas and tips. Can’t wait to get to know the pups, figure out which one is going to become part of our pack, and then get that pup ready for all that life has in store. 🙂


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