Well, had another good agility weekend. Mardi and Shiner both Triple Qd on Saturday. Lyly had a great JWW run as well, and a great standard run on Sunday, but alas, no QQ. Shiner was again happy, barky, and having a great time. I went ahead and entered him at the Ft. Bend show, which will be our last trial of the year. With the puppies on the way, and Lyly set as far as Nationals, I’m sticking to the local trials and not overdoing it. We’ll have plenty of time for that in the spring–I think we start mid-January and have 5 local trials in a row (4 AKC and 1 USDAA). It should be good for helping get Trip up and running, and ready for Nationals.

Speaking of Trip, she is getting HUGE. Definitely uncomfortable, breathing harder, etc. And she still has over 2 weeks to go! I’ve decided to go ahead and xray her this week instead of next, since I should already be able to see skeletons, and I’m curious how many puppies she has in there. It wouldn’t surprise me to see more than 3, or 3 monsters if that’s all there is. I’ve pretty much decided on a C-section, to try to make sure I dont’ lose any pups during whelping. It will be harder on her since she’s a first-time mom, but someone will be with her 24/7, and hopefully those instincts won’t take too long to kick in.

Will update with the count when we have it! Her pregnancy has alternately dragged on, and flown by–I can’t believe it’s almost here! 🙂

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