Good weekend!

The non-pregnant pups and I had a great agility weekend. Mardi went 4/6, getting a 2nd place in JWW yesterday, and a Triple Q today. She ran great. I also ran Shiner this weekend, for the first time since last spring. He was such a happy boy, and ran really great. He ALSO went 4/6, getting a standard leg yesterday, and a Triple Q today, with that FAST leg giving him his MXF. No refusals of the teeter, and he got 18 points in standard both days (and a 3rd place today), so he was really moving. When he runs and is so happy, it makes we want to bring him out of retirement. We’ll see if he continues to have a good time. There’s certainly no pressure with him–I just wanted to get that MXF title, which was why he was entered. That’s his first QQ towards MACH2, which I have no intention of pursuing. Though I guess stranger things have happened. πŸ™‚

I also ran Lyly this weekend, and she was PERFECT–4/4 with 4 1st places. I may have to rethink that, since she kept beating Mardi :-). She got the last QQ she needed for Nationals, plus a bonus one, just for good measure. She was listening really well, and was trying so hard. I’m very proud of her.

Trip was not happy at being left home, but she survived. She continues to beg for food constantly, but feels great, and wants to run around, play, and chase the ball. She doesn’t see any reason that she can’t be out there doing agility too. πŸ™‚

More agility next weekend!!!


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