ADCH Mardi!!!

Well, first run of the weekend, and Mardi did it–she got that last Masters Gamble to earn her ADCH, at the Dog Gone Fun nighttime trial in Tomball. It was a pretty straightforward gamble, but we’ve blown those before, so I was very nervous, but knew it was something she could do. I’m so proud of her–it’s been a long time coming, and I was starting to worry (especially last year when she was injured), that it just wasn’t going to happen. Mardi always made 22″ look easy, but I’m glad she won’t have to jump 5″ over her shoulders anymore. Not sure how much USDAA I’ll continue to do with her, but she will likely keep doing some as long as Trip is, just at 16″. Mardi is my first ADCH dog–Shiner earned the performance version, his APD, but my dogs are just bad heights for USDAA, though Trip isn’t doing too bad. Mardi also got a Performance Speed Jumping (Steeplechase) Q this weekend, and earned a 2nd place in standard. Not too shabby.

Trip did well, though her dogwalk wasn’t stellar. She got 2 Gamble legs, a Steeplechase Q (ended up winning the 16″ class), and a Super Q in Snooker. We definitely needed that–only one more to go, and I do NOT want to need Super Qs for her ADCH. What I REALLY wanted to earn this weekend was a Grand Prix Q for Trip, who always has SOMETHING happen in that class. I was really worried about her dogwalk, since she wasn’t doing them well, and of course she nailed that perfectly. I chickened out on a section that required me to trust her to send to the tunnel and take off to beat her to the end. I was sure I wasn’t going to make it, so I tried to cut behind her, but she shot out too far, and didn’t see the next jump she was supposed to take, getting a refusal. It was heartbeaking, but ALL my fault. BAD handler!

Video will be posted later…


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