Wow, bad blogger, no updates in a couple of weeks…

So, not too much going on, really. The heat makes it impossible to do much in the way of training, at least for more then 5-10 minutes at a time. We did go to one day of a USDAA trial in College Station, and it was worth the drive. Mardi only was entered in one run, Masters Standard, trying to get one of the two legs she needs for her ADCH. She qualified, ran great, and made 22″ look like a piece of cake. All she needs is one Gamble for her ADCH, and she’ll have two shots this weekend in Tomball. I will keep you updated for sure. 🙂

Trip did good as well. Of course, it didn’t start off very good. When she got in the car to leave my house, everything was fine. 2 hours later, when we arrived in College Station, Trip was 3-legging it. Nothing happened in the car, she rides in a crate! Of course I freaked out–I don’t do well when my own guys are hurting. I wasn’t able to localize pain anywhere, and she seemed to work out of it a bit with walking around, so I figured it was soft tissue. I spent a lot of time loosening her up before her first run, and she looked probably 90-95%, so I decided to go ahead and run her. She won 16″ Masters Standard, and got her MAD title, so she must have been feeling all right. 🙂 Luckily, my favorite puppy masseuse was there, and after that, I was able to have Ken work on her. He found one weird tight spot “near” her shoulder, but really really strange. The rest of the day, she was fine, and she’s shown no signs of doing anything like that since. She spent the day before at home chilling, so I can’t even blame trial soreness for it. Too strange. Anyways, we were again cursed in Grand Prix, so no doing there. I swear, we’re never going to Q in Grand Prix–seriously. Masters Snooker–close, but no cigar. Then in Masters Jumpers, last run, she ran great, again getting a 1st place Q. Who knew–she even QQs in USDAA. 🙂

So, she’s making some progress towards her ADCH, but still needs a little of everything. She’ll be able to make a dent in some of the games this weekend, and maybe, just maybe, break the GP curse! It’s a small trial, so we’ll have fun no matter what. I do miss the days when I was able to do 4 days, multiple games classes, etc etc. This takes much longer to work towards those titles. And shoot, one day she’s going to have to do a DAM team.

One more thing–just got this photo from Great Dane Photography from the AKC Nationals–it is FABULOUS and I just love it!


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